Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Am Just Like My Mother

       "You are just like your Mother!"   I have heard this said by my Father my whole life! Before his mind and sweet disposition was robbed by Parkinson's Disease it was a term meant to be enduring.  When I heard it in the latter.....not so much!
          But the truth being, I am very much like my mother, whom a lot of you know as Betty, Through My Back Door.  And although I said you would never find me writing a blog it really should not be that shocking that here I am making my first post!
        It was Mom who taught me to make a house a home and to surround myself with the things I love.  She was the spiritual leader of our home and the one who taught me to love and serve the Lord.  We enjoy doing the same things and each others company, so I own it with pride that I am just like her!
    I am a Christian, a wife of 33 years, a mother to 3 wonderful children who are all married to great people who I consider my own. I have 2 perfect grandchildren who call me Nonny!
    As I embark on this new journey in blog land where I not only read your blogs but share with my own, I hope to convey what makes me love my home! Why my heart is here.  Be it ever so humble, there truly is no place like it.